Real Life Pokemon Adventure is Coming with Pokemon Go

I totally played Pokemon when I was a kid. I remember getting the first classic games on the gameboy and wearing out the batteries with my constant playing. The Pokemon world has blown up even more since then. There aren’t just 150 Pokemon anymore. Now, Nintendo is taking the series even further and bringing Pokemon to real life with their latest game, Pokemon Go. I’ll admit, I’m intrigued. Can you imagine just walking around and then challenging a random stranger to a battle like in the games? Or taking a stroll through the park and getting the notification that a Pokemon is right past the trees. I’m curious exactly how the game mechanics will work and how much you’ll have to physically travel to catch different types, but this new development is certainly interesting!


Check out the trailer for Pokemon Go:

In a recent press release, it has been confirmed that Niantic Inc. is spinning off from Google but will be getting major investment money to work on Pokemon Go. Sounds like this game could get pretty big. I do love the idea of actually exploring a new location and then suddenly getting the notification that a new Pokemon is nearby. I just wonder how much your location will limit what you can do. Some people will want to get every Pokemon available but not everyone will have the money to literally travel the world. Either way, the concept is cool.

Which Pokemon is your favorite that you’re hoping to see in Pokemon Go? Want to try drawing your own Pokemon or even create some new ones? Check out the great drawing instruction in Monster Factory by Ernie Harker and Manga Monster Madness by David Okum.

Click here to purchase Monster Factory!  Click here to purchase Manga Monster Madness!


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