Season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal is Coming!

Are you ready for season 3 of Sailor Moon Crystal? Season 3 follows the infinity arc storyline. I always enjoyed this storyline. Definitely one of my favorites!

The new Sailor Moon Crystal season gets a brand new intro, seen here:

The closing credits are new too, focusing on Sailor Neptune and Uranus:

And there’s a new trailer showing a good glimpse at the story arc for this season. I always enjoyed this particular story arc in the 90s anime so I’m definitely excited to see it in Sailor Moon Crystal!


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tumblr_o4nz9lHMNS1qczbido3_540  tumblr_o4nz9lHMNS1qczbido2_540tumblr_o4nz9lHMNS1qczbido1_540  tumblr_o4il6onRhu1tienzco3_1280
tumblr_o4l7o0RadN1su94cio2_1280  tumblr_o4l7o0RadN1su94cio1_1280


The animation style already looks so much better than the past episodes. Those transformation sequences are finally better. Sailor Moon gets her fancy Super outfit, which I adore. All the characters look like they have better expressions. I’m getting really excited for this one. Season 3 could be when they get it right! Plus hello outer senshi! I always loved the outer senshi as characters and it’s really neat to see them in the Sailor Moon Crystal style.

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