Creating Good Art: 10 Must-Have Art Materials and Books

Want to learn how to draw manga, but not sure where to begin? Or have a cool family member or friend who is into art? Here are 10 can’t-miss manga resources and art materials to try:

Tools and Art Materials

1. Copic Markers. These professional art markers are great for all your manga art drawing and coloring needs. Supittha Bunyapen shows how in this tutorial on painting skin tones. Though the Copic Markers can seem like an expensive purchase, they are refillable and the color is vibrant. Plus there are so many color options you can buy!
2. Pigma Micron Manga Markers set. Great for inking, these pens give fine line precision and archival quality.

Line and Color
3. Just want to kick back and add some color to a beautiful piece of art? We’ve got you covered for the coloring book craze. Grab your copy of Color the Living Island and Alice’s Wonderfilled Adventures for over a hundred fantastic images to color!

4. Learn about communicating character design and personality through your color choices with a tutorial from Draw With Jazza.

How to Draw Books

5. Why not start by learning to draw the manga eye? It’s one of the easiest things to master and soon you’ll be mastering all of Mark Crilley’s lessons and asking for more! Want a different style? Try out our comic eye drawing tutorial!

6. You’ve tackled the tutorials and colored the drawings. Now, take those Copic markers to the next level with Shojo Wonder Manga Art School and Manga Magic to get in-depth lessons on drawing and painting manga with Copic Markers.

7. Want to develop your first cosplay? Follow along with the projects in The Costume Making Guide by Svetlana Quindt AKA Kamui Cosplay to create armor, props and more! Learn the basics of drafting a pattern with this tutorial on our blog.

8. Don’t forget the fashion! Your characters want to showcase their individual style. Check out the Shojo Fashion Manga Art School series by Irene Flores and Irene McSpadden. Year 1 and Year 2 cover many different types of fashion. The Boys book will give you all the info you need to make your male characters stand out and Sci-Fi Fashion Art School takes things to another world.


9. Like your manga with a bit more of a fantasy or cartoon feel? Want to show off your character’s more animalistic traits? Make them furry with Draw More Furries or Furries Furever. These animorphs have fur and feathers, scales, horns and hoofs.

10. Step into the dark side and craft the perfect menacing villain with Draw Manga Villains by Genkosha.

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