Manga Monday: What if Gravity Falls was an Anime?

Gravity Falls has been cropping up on almost every corner of the Internet that I visit. I haven’t had the chance to watch all the episodes yet but just the few glimpses I’ve seen seem to show it’ll be right up my alley. The show is one of the animated programs on Disney XD and there is quite an online fandom now.

1000px-Gravitycard_01-1-   Gravity_Falls_Logo

What if the popular cartoon was turned into an anime? Anime definitely has a signature style and one fan, animator Mike Inel, re-created a scene from Gravity Falls in that style.

I enjoy when people mix genres and styles. Live action things get drawn in 2-D, American cartoons are drawn in the anime style, anime is drawn in an American style, etc. It’s an interesting exercise to imagine how something would be different. Mike did an excellent job with the animation and character designs:

Here’s the comparison video showing the original animation and the new anime style created by Mike:

Mike also posted the animation breakdown for the scene:

Make sure to check out Mike’s DeviantArt and Youtube channel for more awesome art.

The more I see of Gravity Falls, the more I’m sure I need to have a nice lengthy marathon soon to catch up. This show has a big fandom for a reason! That slogan, “Just west of weird” reminds me of Welcome to Night Vale, which clearly means I’ll love it.

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