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Witcher Netflix Series In the Works

Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher series has had many adaptations. Now a Witcher Netflix series is in the works with the author as a creative consultant.

Rey, Ahsoka, Leia and More Star in Forces of Destiny Cartoon

Star Wars is a massive franchise and its expanding further with a new show. The Forces of Destiny will be a new cartoon headlined by a lot of female characters from the Star Wars universe.The characters aren’t just pulled from the main films either. The whole Star Wars universe is open...

Star Trek Discovery Boldly Going In New Directions

Star Trek Discovery is the latest in the epic space franchise. The movies that rebooted the original series universe with Kirk and Spock have done well. Into Darkness was a bit disappointing with the rehash of Khan when they easily could’ve kept the same story and just had Benedict’s character as...

The Dark Crystal Returns in New Netflix Original!

Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal is a cult classic. It was a massive undertaking with the story, the puppets, the costumes, etc. Both the Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are beloved movies. Both movies had stories that continued with comic books. There has been chatter of doing something again with Labyrinth but now...