Gorgeous New Beauty and the Beast Trailer

The latest Beauty and the Beast trailer was released and it’s beautiful. The tale as old as time is back again in this new live-action version and I couldn’t be more excited! Beauty and the Beast has long been one of my favorites from Disney. I grew up watching this movie and adored every second of it. I even watched the quirky spinoff movies. I wasn’t so sure about Disney tackling yet another animated classic and turning it into a live-action film, but I’ll admit that I was pleasantly surprised by Cinderella. That was a well done adaptation. This one is looking like it has a lot of potential to be just as good. The full official trailer was released and I’ve already watched it 10 times.

Someone put together a comparison video showing the original animated trailer next to the live action trailer and it’s fascinating seeing the similarities. It feels like they’re really trying to get the same spirit with the new version.

Even the poster looks like the original animated version with the lighting and pose:

beauty-and-the-beast-poster-original  rs_634x939-161110141659-634-beauty-and-the-beast-poster-kf-111016

I’ve heard they’ve tweaked the story some. It seems like they’re taking some bits from the original story with the father taking a rose from Beast’s garden. They’re also tweaking Belle’s background and giving her more of the invention work with her father being a music box creator. With that glimpse of the portrait with the Beast’s parents, I’m hoping and assuming that the Beast will get more backstory and hopefully that little plot hole about his age and the curse will get improved. I’m loving the look of the castle. Cogsworth and Lumiere look amazing. They’re definitely a darker slightly more gothic look. Definitely looking forward to it!

Beauty and the Beast live action 1 Beauty and the Beast live action 2 Beauty and the Beast live action Lumiere Beauty and the Beast live action Cogsworth Beauty and the Beast live action beast roar Beauty and the Beast live action dancing


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