Latest Logan Trailer Shows More X-23

Logan will probably be our last chance to see Hugh Jackman in the role of Wolverine, unless Ryan Reynolds gets his way and wrangles him into the next Deadpool movie. The first trailer had a lot of impact with the way it was edited together. Particularly the use of the song “Hurt” by Johnny Cash was very effective. That combined with the visuals makes for a perfect first trailer. It’s already had more than 18 million views. The second Logan trailer finally gives us a better look at X-23, his clone. She seems just as rough and tough as Logan has been. She seems perfect to take up the mantle of Wolverine moving forward. I’m always a sucker for tough female characters who don’t take any crap from other people. She may be young, but X-23 can definitely fall into that category.

Personally I’m beyond ready for a buddy movie with Logan and X-23. The two of them will make an interesting team. I’m glad we also get another movie with Sir Patrick Stewart as Charles Xavier. He was perfect casting for that role and it’s nice to see he’s willing to continue embodying that character for a while longer. With an R rating, Logan will clearly dive into some dark and violent territory. At least this second trailer shows us a little humor with the self-reference with the X-Men comic.

The other Wolverine solo movies have been a mixed bag. Trailers can be deceiving at times but if the movie is half as good as the trailers make it seem, then this will be an excellent farewell to Logan and a great intro to a new character to take up the Wolverine mantle. Either way, someone give those trailer editors a raise!



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