Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins the Kingkiller Chronicle Adaptation

Patrick Rothfuss‘ beloved series the Kingkiller Chronicle, comprised of book 1: The Name of the Wind and book 2: The Wise Man’s Fear have been bestsellers and personal favorites of mine. I’m itching to read the last book. Hopefully soon it’ll be released. His first two have sold millions of copies. Rothfuss made some huge news last year with the massive adaptation deal he struck with Lionsgate. Not only did he sign on for movies, he also signed for TV and a video game. We’ll all be living in the world of the Kingkiller Chronicle probably for a long time. Maybe it’ll be the new Game of Thrones. You can read Pat’s blog post about the deal on his website.


Now the huge news that was released is the announcement that Lin-Manuel Miranda (oh you know, just the guy who made Hamilton, that super popular and amazing musical) is going to join the project. Miranda will be the creative producer for the franchise as well as bring his musical expertise. If there are ever any stage productions, Miranda will have the option to be part of those as well. Music is absolutely an important piece of the Kingkiller Chronicle and I know Miranda will compose beautiful and original music. Both Lin and Patrick are fans of each other so it’s fun to see two super talented people come together to work on a project that will clearly be fun for both of them.


Lin-Manuel Miranda said, “Pat Rothfuss’ ‘Kingkiller’ books are among the most read and re-read in our home. It’s a world you want to spend lifetimes in, as his many fans will attest. Pat also writes about the act of making music more beautifully than any novelist I’ve ever read. I can’t wait to play a part in bringing this world to life onscreen.”

Miranda may be feeling the pressure, but I have faith that he’ll create something absolutely beautiful and perfect for Kvothe, even if he himself may not play the lute.

Lindsey Beer is penning the film script which will be based on the first book. Robert Lawrence will produce for film and television and Patrick Rothfuss is an executive producer on both. Now I have a countdown for the film in addition to the final book. Hopefully we’ll continue to get amazing news like this as more is revealed about the project. Now I’m off to re-read The Name of the Wind all over again.


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