Marvel’s Agent Carter Premieres Tonight!

While Agents of SHIELD is off taking a break, Marvel’s Agent Carter is stepping up and filling the gap. Finally we get more of Peggy Carter! The show will follow Peggy Carter and her involvement with SHIELD after Captain America “dies” in the plane crash. I love that this will give us more about that time period and will help fill in the gaps up to when Captain America wakes up in the modern day world. I loved Peggy Carter’s character in the first Captain America movie. She is one awesome woman. It’s great that Agent Carter is going to give us more of her.


agent-carter-poster   CA-TFA_PeggyCarter  agent-carter_612x816

Spies, the Marvel universe and an awesome female agent? Yeah, I’ll take all of it.

Check out this sneak peak at the new show:

I love how many comic book things are showing up everywhere now. First the movies, now all the TV shows. I am one happy little nerd!

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