National Doctor’s Day

Happy National Doctor’s Day everyone! We’re of course thankful for the real medical doctors out there but today we’re also going to celebrate our favorite doctor, the one and only mad man with a box. The Doctor.

Peter_Capaldi_reveals_which_Doctor_Who_monsters_he_d_like_to_take_on_next   doctor-who-peter-capaldi

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Peter Capaldi says that the new companion has been cast. Hopefully we’ll hear an official announcement soon! There are also rumblings about Class, the new Doctor Who spinoff which is scheduled to start shooting in April.

Doctor Who TV has some predictions for what they think will be coming in Series 10. Moffat has of course confirmed that he’s leaving after Series 10 and apparently he’s confirmed the season will be 14 episodes instead of 13.

Series 10 of Doctor Who won’t be in the fall like usual. We’ll have to wait until Spring 2017 for a full season of episodes. We do at least get a Christmas special though. Capaldi isn’t signed past this next season yet, and we’re definitely wondering if he’s reached the end of his days running away from aliens. The Doctor may regenerate again soon. Capaldi’s run has been a good one, though it didn’t quite hook me like Tennant and Smith. I’ll have to re-watch series 8 and 9 and see if the Capaldi episodes all together back to back will change my mind. Who’s your favorite Doctor?

Are you celebrating National Doctor’s Day with your favorite Doctor Who episodes? Vincent and the Doctor is definitely one of my favorites. I love re-watching that episode. So many feels every time!

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