New Designs for the New Power Rangers Movie

I grew up watching Power Rangers. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was always on and I was addicted. There have been a lot of different Power Rangers series since then and I’ll admit that I was initially skeptical about this reboot but the trailer hooked me in. The trailer for the new movie makes it seem like it could have a solid story and be well put together and not totally ruin my childhood. I have so much nostalgia for the Power Rangers series.


Now my skepticism is mostly centered around the designs for Rita Repulsa and Alpha 5. I’m not sure I’m entirely on board with those redesigns.
Alpha 5 was typically an annoying sidekick but this new design just looks so weird. His design before was definitely robotic and that doesn’t quite match with the new alien aesthetic for the new suits, but this design is absolutely creeping me out. The weird eyes, the long arms. Ay yai yai, it’s not great. Hopefully this isn’t a final design and in motion in the movie it’ll make more sense. But right now? I can’t say I’m a fan. He’s a bit terrifying actually. Power Rangers has always been a little off the wall with their designs and I definitely can’t say there weren’t odd creatures during the old series. Anyone remember Ivan Ooze? I find the new Alpha 5 even weirder than him, and that’s saying something.


alpha5 alpha5-backgallery-1480503455-rita-repulsa-power-rangers-staff
ritarepulsastaff  ritarepulsa  power-rangers-11

The thing that I find interesting is Rita’s design. It definitely fits the crazy alien queen look. The reveal of the staff in the newly released images is interesting though. In particular the green gem in the middle at the top of the staff looks a lot like the power coin design they’re using in the new movie. Could this be the green ranger power coin? Will we actually see Tommy the green ranger in this new film or is that a setup for a sequel? Is Rita going to be the green ranger herself? So many questions!

I’ll admit that childhood me is concerned but also a bit excited. Maybe this will be a great new reboot of a beloved franchise. I’ll be there watching either way. Will you go see the new Power Rangers movie?

powerrangers_sky powerrangers_zord_black powerrangers_zord_blue powerrangers_zord_pink powerrangers_zord_red powerrangers_zord_yellow


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