Return to Wonderland in Alice Through the Looking Glass

I don’t think I’ll ever tired of Alice in Wonderland. Give me more adventures in Wonderland! Tim Burton’s first adventure with Alice with a crazy romp through Wonderland and now he’s back with Alice Through the Looking Glass. We’re finally getting more footage for Alice Through the Looking Glass and the visuals look gorgeous. The costumes, the colors, the crazy characters. Check out one of the latest TV spots for the movie:

Are you excited to see Alice Through the Looking Glass?

depp-alice-through-the-looking-glass  Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 9.47.11 AM

Can’t get enough Alice? You can now join Alice for a coloring book adventure filled with original art by Abigail Larson. Tumble down the rabbit hole as you color in 70 fantastically curious and dreamily detailed pages while Alice encounters everything from shrinking cakes and cryptic caterpillars to mad tea parties, raging red queens and even a frumious Jabberwock. Order your copy of Alice’s Wonderfilled Adventures: A Curious Coloring Book for Adults from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or the North Light Shop and look for it in stores soon!




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