Rogue One, The First Star Wars Story

Rogue One is finally out! Lots of theaters are screening it tonight and tomorrow it officially hits all the theaters. Got your ticket yet? This new movie is the first of what will be called Star Wars stories. They’ll be stories that happen in the universe but aren’t part of the main films. I’m excited that we’re getting to see more happen in the Star Wars universe. It’s always been a rich and interesting fictional world. Much as I love the Skywalkers, they’re not the only family in the galaxy. It’s time to see more!

The music, the visuals, I got chills the first time I watched the trailer!

I love the poster design they’ve done for this film. The main poster is gorgeous and the character posters have such interesting lighting. The Star Wars posters always seem to have a similar composition in the placement of the characters and Rogue One is no different.

Rogue One cinematic poster

Rogue One character poster jyn Rogue One character poster krennic

Rogue One Cast

The cast for Rogue One seems like a good diverse group of people, and I have to admit I’m loving the fact that we get another strong female in the lead. This ragtag rebellious band of people should be interesting to watch. I already know I’m going to have to watch this movie multiple times.


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