Star Wars Episode VII Has a Title!

We’re all anxiously awaiting Star Wars Episode VII. They wrapped on filming recently and now we actually have a title for the upcoming movie. Star Wars Episode VII will be known as The Force Awakens.


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I’m really excited for Star Wars Episode VII. I loved the original trilogy and that world is full of interesting stories and characters. I also love that they’re returning to a lot of practical effects for this one. Anthony Daniels, aka C-3PO, even tweeted that he thinks it will be even better than Empire Strikes Back. That’s a pretty bold claim to make but I’m excited to see if it holds true!

Now that gets me excited! If you were a character in Star Wars Episode VII, who would you be? Would you be a bounty hunter, a Jedi, a Sith, a rebel, maybe even a Wookiee? Get tips, references and step-by-step drawing tutorials with Warriors and Heroes by Alan Lathwell and The Colossal Collection of Action Poses by Buddy Scalera.

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