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6 Van Gogh Facts You May Not Know

From his inspiration to who he owes his legacy to, discover some lesser known van Gogh facts about the iconic post-impressionist painter.

90s Nostalgia Throwback | 5 Must-Have Art Toys

The 90s nostalgia is in. A lot of people are itching for the yesteryear. Old songs, old styles, old toys, you name it and it’s making a comeback (chokers anyone? They’re everywhere these days!). So of course we had to jump back in time a little and enjoy the 90s nostalgia ourselves, but with...

Figure of the Imagination: An Artist’s Journey by Lisa Cyr

Exploring the Figures of Imagination: A Journey with Artist Lisa Cyr By amassing myself into the midst of other worldly places, I create a gateway. It transcends me back to a time when the creative spirit reigned in a vast and limitless field of dreams. In my fantastic world, supernatural beings, winged guardians and...