3D Pen Art

3D printing has come a long way. First it was the really big printers, then the smaller more portable printers and now you can even get a 3D pen. This new technology has just exceeded my expectations. It seems that it’s really hit the ground running and exploded into our culture. You can 3D print jewelry, action figures, anything you can think of! They even 3D printed a skull and used it to surgically repair a patient. All those old sci-fi movies that imagined a future like this were right. It’s happening to us!

A 3D pen known as LIX has already passed its funding goal on Kickstarter, but you can still support the project and get a 3D pen of your very own! We can’t all afford the big 3D printers but this pen is a great way to try out the 3D printing technology, and it really expands the options for creating art.


pen-1   pen-2

bc4d2dd70be981f9119ebe9d976aaa95_large   c834ce39c864e0812575e09fb2e6a3b2_large

It looks like so much fun. Using a 3D pen would really challenge my way of thinking for how I create art. It’s not just painting or drawing on a flat surface. The three-dimensional aspect definitely changes things. I think this tool really has a lot of potential though. I can’t wait to see what other pieces of art people come up with! Some of the line work that the pen makes in these examples really reminds me of the Zentangle and Zen Doodle art. Wouldn’t it be neat to bring your doodles off the page and make them 3D? That would be such a fun way to use this pen.

zen_20doodle   w5533



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