3D Printing Fantastic Armor for Cosplay

3D printing has continued to develop and change our methods of creation. From science to art, 3D printing is making leaps and bounds. Some cosplayers have already been using 3D printers for smaller prop pieces or details. Now things are going even further with 3D printed armor. Artist Melissa NG has created a stunningly beautiful and intricate set of armor which Felicia Day modeled. I’ve loved the intricate work that Melissa has created before with her Dreamer Masks & Jewelry series. The details and cutouts are stunning. Check out more of her work on her website Lumecluster.

The 3D printing works perfectly for the armor set. The first set Melissa made was called the Dreamer Regalia and was modeled by Felicia Day. Melissa has now made a second set of armor called the Sovereign Armor. Both are incredibly beautiful and intricate pieces. Geek and Sundry did a feature on the first set which can be found here.

5D3_2073-Edit-2  5D3_2084-Edit

5D3_2174-Edit 5D3_2193-Edit

With the second set of armor, the Sovereign Armor, Melissa wanted to create a more practical and versatile design for female armor. She did a lot of research on armor design and took that into account when creating her version. You can read her blog post about the process here.


Sovereign12   Sovereign17

I love that the design is practical but also very beautiful. The intricate cuts and the way it lights up gives it such a beautiful and dreamlike quality while at the same time it is intimidating and fierce.

Melissa’s cousin is actually Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, author of the Dreamscapes series. Melissa says she often admired Stephanie’s art and wondered “How did someone create this simply from their head?”

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If you’re feeling inspired to draw some epic fantasy armor or try sculpting your own fantasy objects, check out Mastering Fantasy Art by John Stanko and Fantasy Creatures in Clay by Emily Coleman.

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