Amazing Fantasy Creatures

I’ve seen awesome drawings of unique fantasy creatures. I’ve seen carefully sculpted statues and action figures. Recently, I stumbled on something I hadn’t seen before. Two artists on DeviantArt, Santani and Wood-splitter-lee, combine multiple materials to create fantasy dolls and pose-able creatures. I can’t even comprehend the amount of talent it takes to make these fantasy creatures. Santani makes adorable dolls with big eyes and soft, huggable fur. They look so real! I love the big ears that most of them have. It’s so cute. Make sure to check out her full gallery to see all of these creations.

inari_foxes__oncilla_by_santani-d705mzg   inari_foxes__more_foxes__by_santani-d705l46

my_little_dragon__grey_elf_by_santani-d5jwox5   t_g__red_fox_by_santani-d5y3b3a

Wood-splitter-lee creates life-size pose-able fantasy creatures. These figures and puppets are multiple feet high. These definitely aren’t tiny little things! I’m sure it takes many dedicated hours to finish just one. Her talent is obvious and has been recognized by Stan Winston’s Studio and Weta Workshop. She makes each creature by hand. I can’t decide which is my favorite, they’re all so impressive. Her DeviantArt gallery has even more unique creatures.

hand_made_poseable_fantasy_dragon_guardian__by_wood_splitter_lee-d6zn9h9   __sold__hand_made_posable_prehistoric_tundra_stag__by_wood_splitter_lee-d5n5y4x

__sold__posable_fantasy_moon_dust_wolf_by_wood_splitter_lee-d5nom6l   _sold_hand_made_posable_frosted_ghost_wolf_by_wood_splitter_lee-d6teogd

Check out some videos of the creatures in action:

The work from these artists reminds me of the creatures and puppets in Jim Henson‘s Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, both movies I adore. The craftsmanship, the creativity, the unique fantasy, etc. all combine to make these amazing creatures. Both of these artists are clearly on to something great!

If you’re feeling inspired to create your own fantasy creatures, make sure to check out Clay Creation Workshop and Faemaker by Maureen Carlson.

t2042   9781440313660


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