Artist Creates Awesome Ink Sketches Every Day for a Year

Artist Gabriel Picolo clearly used his time in 2014 very well. Gabriel decided to do ink sketches every day for the whole year. Thus the 365 sketch project was born! He started drawing and uploading the sketches to an account on DeviantArt, created specifically for the 365 project. Some of the drawings are personal reflections and self portraits, some are fan art of video games or movies. All of them are amazing. Check out a few of my favorites from this epic sketch collection:

_362_game_over_by_365_daysofdoodles-d8c2bsz _360_the_other_side_by_365_daysofdoodles-d8c2b93 _359_simple_and_clean_by_365_daysofdoodles-d8c2b56 _352_team_work_by_365_daysofdoodles-d8bvd3p

_344_journey_by_365_daysofdoodles-d8bjubr _316_the_legend_of_zelda_by_365_daysofdoodles-d89e41y

_322_sephiroth_by_365_daysofdoodles-d8a3syp _320_final_fantasy_vii_by_365_daysofdoodles-d89v07b

_343_flood_by_365_daysofdoodles-d8bieks _342_masquerade_ball_by_365_daysofdoodles-d8bgbc3

_266_long_distance_relationships_by_365_daysofdoodles-d84676e _280_atlas_by_365_daysofdoodles-d85q5o4 _294_good_morning_message_by_365_daysofdoodles-d870tm2 _311_inside_of_a_game_boy_by_365_daysofdoodles-d88nkyn

_349_line_of_thought_by_365_daysofdoodles-d8brrc1 afte00ap21q1ehtvpbxr

Clearly this is just a sampling of the sketches that Gabriel made since there are 365! Definitely make sure to check out his DeviantArt gallery for the rest.

This is such an awesome idea. Maybe you should give it a try for the new year! There’s still time to start this project for 2015 and create your 365 sketches. It’s a great way to get into the habit of drawing and it will definitely help improve your skills! Check out Gabriel’s gallery for inspiration and his journal about the project, then grab some of the latest IMPACT titles like Winged Fantasy by Brenda Lyons, Mastering Fantasy Art by John Stanko, Manga Crash Course by Mina Petrovic and Shojo Fashion Manga Art School, Boys by Irene Flores and Krisanne McSpadden for great drawing tutorials to help you get started!

If you’re working on the 365 sketch project we would love to see! Share your art with us on Facebook and Twitter.

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