Body Painting Turns Humans Into Beautiful Animal Portraits

Artist Shannon Holt is definitely skilled in the art of body painting. Her website is full of beautiful and detailed body painting work that she’s created. A recent project took body painting to another level. Her “Florida Wildlife Series” uses her amazing body painting skill to turn people into portraits of animals. Not only is the art itself beautiful, it also helps to bring attention to the real wildlife. The animal portraits can take 6-12 hours to complete. Definitely a long time to commit to an art form. The results are impressive though! Check out some of Shannon’s beautiful work:

print_resized-1024x713 DSCRRPP_3495-copy

DSCCLLPCR_3037-copy workcolorP_3618-copy

DSCCRCCPP_2885-copy Alien-Beez-Dypbick-P-copy-1024x819


I love how much detail she puts into each animal portrait. Shannon does an incredible job making the human body disappear and the art come to the front. There’s also a lot of really great movement in the photographs. Make sure to check out the full animal series and the other impressive body painting work by Shannon on her website!

For more amazing body painting art check out The Human Canvas by Karala B. The 208 page book is filled with amazing body painting from around the world.

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