Celebrate Christmas with a Krampus Coloring Book!

There are all kinds of Christmas holiday traditions out there and one that I’ve come to love over the years is the story of Krampus. This folklore figure definitely adds a bit of edginess to the bright Christmas holiday. Good old St. Nick brings presents and rewards good children but the naughty children get visited by Krampus.

Krampus has started to permeate the media more. I think people have become fascinated with the odd and creepy figure that he can be portrayed as. There have been recent movies, here in Ohio we had a Krampus event downtown, and now you can learn about the story while creating art with a brand new coloring book. This coloring book was an Indiegogo campaign by artist Lauren Onça O’Leary.

krampus-coloring-book-cover  krampus-page
krampus-page-3   krampus-page-2

You can order your copy of the coloring book or even get a Krampus pint glass over at Lauren’s shop. Click here to grab one for the holidays! Lauren also did original art for a tarot deck which you can find on the website as well.

I’ve seen this wild man pop up in a lot of fan art. You have to admit that he’s an interesting figure! Impact author Abigail Larson has done her own creepy version of Krampus a few times. It’s been seeing the different interpretations of this mythic figure.

krampus_and_perchta_by_abigaillarson-d9n4qps screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-2-20-58-pm

Will you be visited by St. Nick or Krampus this year? Happy Holidays everyone!


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