Characters Created With Makeup Art

Makeup can be used to highlight beauty, but it can also be used to transform. Some artists create amazing makeup art to bring characters to life, big or small. Sometimes it’s just a little face paint, other times it’s a full transformation!

Artist Laura Jenkinson uses her makeup art to do more than just create a pretty look. She creates characters right on her face, using her lips for the character’s mouth. She created a few animals first, then she started creating characters from Disney, Pixar, Nintendo and more. Check out a few of her creations below!






Pretty crazy right? Some of the characters are just a little creepy, but mostly it’s a fun and quirky way to show love for these cartoons. Check out her Instagram for more. Laura has also posted a few video tutorials showing her process for creating these characters.


You can make your own makeup art and create characters with help from Extreme Face Painting and Extreme Costume Makeup by Nick and Brian Wolfe. What characters will you bring to life?

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