Characters From The Sandman get the Lego Treatment

Personally I love The Sandman series by Neil Gaiman. It’s an amazing comic book with interesting stories and fascinating characters. I love how Gaiman took these insubstantial ideas, dream, death, delirium, desire, etc. and gave them substance by giving them specific characters known as The Endless. The Sandman series is one I’ve long been fond of and I’m definitely not the only one. There’s amazing things floating around on the internet that fans have made! I’ve seen some impressive cosplay, fan art and more. I love that The Sandman series is still getting so much love. They’re even working on getting it turned into a movie, and I have high hopes for it!

Recently I found two of The Sandman characters, Dream and Delirium, who had been created just with Legos. Master Lego builder, The Deathly Halliwell, has created these two as well as many other amazing Lego busts.


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I love that Dream even has those glowing eyes! The movement in his hair is perfect. Even though this piece is made with little plastic bricks, the bust really seems alive. This definitely goes to show that you can be creative with anything. Pen, paper, clay, little plastic bricks or anything else can be used to make something creative! Make sure to check out even more of the awesome Lego work from The Deathly Halliwell. Who is your favorite character from The Sandman series? Maybe you should try making your own Lego bust.

Try making your own bust of these or other awesome characters using clay. Check out Fantasy Creatures in Clay by Emily Coleman and Freaky Funny Clay by Maureen Carlson for all your sculpting needs!

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