Create Perfect Witch Makeup for Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween this weekend? I always love making costumes and seeing all the creative ideas that people come up with. If you’re still trying to figure out what to do or you just need some help then today’s post is for you! Dressing up as a witch is a classic for Halloween and with this free step-by-step tutorial from Extreme Costume Makeup, you’ll be able to craft the perfect witch makeup in no time.


Step One:
Apply a basecoat of pink to the face and neck using a sponge. Place off-white highlights on top of the pink with a sponge, stippling to suggest wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks and chin, and between the eyes. Apply off-white over the lips to create cracked lips.


Step Two:
Using a sponge and brown, shade in the areas between the highlights and sink in the eyes.


Step Three:
Stippled on white highlights along the brow, the tops of the wrinkles, and the tops of the cheekbones using a sponge. Also apply a mixture of purple and brown to deepen the shadows. Use the same color to add additional texture on the forehead with a sponge.


Step Four:
Begin detailing the face with a no. 3 round, adding black eyebrows and deep wrinkles around the eyes and the bridge of the nose.


Step Five:
Using a no. 3 round and black, wrinkle the lips, cheeks, chin and laugh lines with thin strokes. Add warts with scallop shapes, and place long horizontal lines on the throat to suggest neck wrinkles. Further develop wrinkles around the eyes using the same brush and color.


Step Six:
Add white highlights along the thin wrinkles on the face and neck using a no. 3 round. Use the same brush to add liver spots and freckles on the face with the purple and brown mixture.

And now your witch makeup is complete! Add a black dress, maybe a black hat and a broom and you’ve got a perfect quick and easy witch costume for Halloween.


If you use this witch makeup tutorial make sure to take some fun Halloween photos and send them to us on our Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to see!

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