Game of Thrones Pixel Art

I love pixel art. I think probably because I grew up playing the classic pixelated games from the Nintendo and Super Nintendo. Chrono Trigger is still one of my all time favorite games, and I actually love that it’s pixelated. So anytime people take modern day stuff and pixelate it or re-make music in the old 8-bit and 16-bit style, I’m sold.

Artist Czarek Łuczyński, aka Charlie_pl on Pixel Joint, has created an awesome series of pixel art featuring characters from Game of Thrones. It’s really impressive the amount of detail put into each figure. All those tiny little pixels! Each character is really accurate to what we see on the show. Check them out:

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Make sure to check out more of the awesome pixel art from Czarek on his Pixel Joint account. I hope he continues the Game of Thrones pixel art series. It would be awesome to see more of the characters in this style!

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