Happy Halloween!

Here at the IMPACT Books offices, we love Halloween! It is, after all, prime opportunity to get creative and make fabulous art. In one of my favorite quotes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Halloween is “come as you aren’t night.” I don’t know about that, as I think our costumes say a lot about who we think we are–and who or what we want to be.

As for us on the Fine Art team, which comprises the editorial staff from IMPACT and North Light Books, The Artist’s Magazine, Pastel Journal, and Watercolor Artist magazine, Artist’s Network University, Wet Canvas and Artistsnetwork.tv, we harkened back to our childhoods and decorated with ghosts–the fun kind made from lollipops and tissues. And I have to say, they are fun and look fabulous!


And, we brought in some face paint to do our faces up in white. We went with simple ghost faces to go with our ghostly theme, but you can go as elaborate or simple as you want, and still look great!

Cherie Haas is the associate editor for The Artist’s Magazine; Vanessa Wieland edits for IMPACT Books.

In the meantime, every time I look up from my desk, I see awesome ghostly decorations everywhere and it makes me smile.

Want some last minute face painting ideas? Check out this video download of Extreme Face Painting, by Nick and Brian Wolfe. You’ll love the ideas and tutorials in there, and you’ll amaze everyone when you go out trick or treating tonight!

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