JRPG Pixel Art

I love RPG video games. They always have great stories. Some of my favorites have been JRPGs, aka Japanese Role Playing Games. The Final Fantasy series is great. Chrono Trigger is still one of my all time favorite games. I definitely adore the fantasy and RPG stories. They always have great characters, great stories and great art.

Artist Daniel “Abysswolf” Oliver clearly loves RPGs too. He has created some awesome pixel art of characters from various JRPGs. It must take a long time to make all this pixel art. The characters are so detailed and it’s easy to see who is who. Sometimes when things get pixelated you lose the detail, but you don’t here! I’m so impressed. I would love to play a remix of these games with this type of character art.

Final Fantasy VII:


Final Fantasy IX:



Breath of Fire 2:


Monster Hunter:


Chrono Trigger:


What other characters would you like to see made into pixel art? I get so much nostalgia for these characters and this art style. All the pixelated goodness from my childhood! Make sure to check out his Tumblr and DeviantART pages for even more pixel art and 2-D sprites.

Try sketching out your own fantasy characters for a JRPG game! Check out DragonArt Fantasy Characters by Jessica Neondragon Peffer.

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