Portrait and Architecture Typewriter Art

I’ve always thought typewriters were cool. I have to admit I never thought of making typewriter art though. Turns out typewriter art has been around for years and there are some incredible impressive examples of this art form. Artists Leslie Nichols and Keira Rathbone both create amazing typewriter art. It’s crazy to think that their pieces were made with just ink, paper and the strokes of the typewriter keys. Both artists are very talented at manipulating the letters and symbols to create shape, shading and dimension. Leslie Nichols creates portraits that have so much life and character in them. Keira’s portraits are also beautiful but I have to say I adore her architecture prints. That print of London is perfect and it’s so awesome seeing the details that show the exclamation points and other symbols used to create Big Ben and the whole scene.

Leslie+Nichols+Portrait+of+Neli Leslie+Nichols+typwewriten+art+Ebony2 1_Nichols Leslie+Nichols+portrait+art+typewriter2Leslie+Nichols+Art_+Lois Leslie+Nichols+Art_detail

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I love the details in these pieces. It must take so much planning to figure out which letters and symbols to use to get the shape and dimension. I can say I’m definitely impressed! Make sure to check out both Leslie Nichols and Keira Rathbone‘s websites for more awesome typewriter art.



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