Realistic Portraits Created Just With Thread

Artist Cayce Zavaglia creates incredibly unique and realistic portraits. Her portraits aren’t made using paint or pencils or even photography. She creates her art using thread, a lot of thread actually. It’s fascinating to look at her portraits. From far away they could be paintings with a lot of small strokes of paint. Up close you can see the detail and the texture of the thousands of pieces of thread. Turn the painting around to reveal the messy side and you still get a sense of the person’s face, but you get a look at how the thread was placed. I love these portraits from every angle and distance. Up close, far away, they’re all incredibly impressive.

emb-1   detail unnamed-5  emb-2

IMG_1670   emb-3

Zavaglia_5_2   Scan-1

Check out this video of Cayce discussing her work and what goes into each piece:

This takes embroidery and thread work to another level. I’ve never seen portraits created like this before. She creates so much dimension with the thread. The shading and shaping of the features are perfect. They aren’t just realistic because of the well-done anatomy, they also match the color and lighting of the reference photographs she takes. It’s crazy that they’re just made with thread! Make sure to check out Cayce’s website to see her full portfolio of work.


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