Sugar Painting

There are so many different mediums you can use to create art; paint, colored pencils, watercolor, digital work and more! What about sugar though? In Asia there are street vendors that don’t just sell sweet treats. They sell treats that are incredible works of art. Sugar painting is a traditional Chinese form of art. Check out a few of these mesmerizing videos. The control of the liquid sugar is just unbelievable. I’d probably just make a mess if I tried!

sugar-painting  a_sweet_art__sugar_paintingd0ab4ab512eaf2bbdd7f

Such beautiful and tasty art! I think sugar painting is fascinating. I love watching the artist delicately place the liquid sugar and seeing the shape come alive before my eyes. This just proves you really can use anything to make art. It doesn’t have to just be paint or pencils!! Learn some more about the unique art of sugar painting here.

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