The Amazing Special Effects on Face Off

There are a lot of different kinds of special effects out there. There are special effects that are created digitally with the computer or the fancy rigs that are created to have something explode on set for an action movie. Some of my favorite special effects come from makeup and prosthetics though. It can take a lot of time and some serious skill to turn a regular person into a monstrous creature or an epic alien or even just age them 30 years for a role in a movie or TV show. I think it’s truly amazing to watch that transformation! I love when the crazy creatures in my favorite sci-fi movies are actually real people covered in makeup and not just computer generated creatures. For me, it just makes it all even more awesome to know how much work and creativity went into it. That’s definitely why I’m excited that the new Star Wars movies are returning to more of the traditional effect work with makeup and prosthetics.

Special effects makeup artists have some serious talent and SyFy’s show Face Off has some really impressive artists. Have you been watching the show? The seventh season has been on and there have been some really incredible creations.

s07_e0708_spotlightchallenge_02_141019318491   s07_e0708_spotlightchallenge_08_141019319469

s07_e0707_spotlightchallenge_update_02_140968232493   s07_e0707_spotlightchallenge_update_04_140968232912

s07_e0706_spotlightchallenge_02_140899013791   s07_e0706_spotlightchallenge_07_140899014753

s07_e0703_spotlightchallenge_03_140717570111   s07_e0703_spotlightchallenge_11_140717572218

s07_e0705_spotlightchallenge_02_140847035188   s07_e0705_spotlightchallenge_04_140847035637

s07_e0704_spotlightchallenge_03_140741882635   s07_e0704_spotlightchallenge_08_140741883584

Impressive, right? I find this art form fascinating. I can barely put on eyeliner straight, let alone do this crazy makeup! Make sure to visit the Face Off site for more pictures of this awesome art from this season and past seasons.

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