Wanderers, a Stunning Sci-fi Short Film

I’m a huge movie fan but there is something to be said for short films. I’ve seen some really incredible short films, both animated and live-action, that have been even more impressive than full length movies but at a fraction of the length! I recently stumbled on a sci-fi short film that’s been making the rounds on the internet. Wanderers, by Erik Wernquist, showcases the idea of humanity exploring deep space. The visuals are absolutely stunning. I love that so many sci-fi things are popping up again. We seem to be reaching out for space again not just through real life accomplishments but also through our fiction and entertainment. There was Gravity and then Interstellar and now this short film. Star Trek was rebooted and they’re working on a third film for that franchise. Space is an intriguing idea and Wanderers just provokes my curiosity about what is out there. What if things really did look like that? What if we really could go further and further and explore more things?

Wanderers – a short film by Erik Wernquist from Erik Wernquist on Vimeo.


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