What Would You Do?

It’s a common question that everyone asks themselves at one point or another but, for the first time ever, the question of What Would You Do? was expressed in an artistic way that really had me stopping to listen.

ZeFrank’s exposure of humanity’s use of time, using a creative JellyBean method, made this video all the better to watch – so check it out!


ZeFrank’s JellyBean method seemed so bittersweet by the end of the video. It was a great draw for viewers, reminding me of my childhood and snacking on those little candies. Now I’m older and time has started to creep a little faster along and it’s really amazing how it flies.

So I’ve got to ask… What would you do with your remaining free time? What about your remaining day?

Would you finish up your latest piece of art? Maybe spend some time with your family? Would you attempt something you’ve never done before?




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