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Breaking Down How to Sketch Hands

Hands can seem like an intimidating thing to draw. Learn how to sketch hands by breaking down the anatomy into basic shapes with an easy tutorial.

Learn How to Draw and Paint Gems

Add round or cut gemstones to your character design. Learn how to draw and paint gems with a free tutorial from Manga Magic by Supittha "Annie" Bunyapen!

Learn How to Draw a Mermaid

Learn how to draw a mermaid with a free step-by-step tutorial by J "NeonDragon" Peffer from DragonArt: Fantasy Characters.

How to Draw a Laughing Face for Manga or Anime

If you’re drawing a manga or anime character you’ll need to practice a lot of different expressions! From anger to shock and happiness to love, there are a ton of emotions that can be shown. Manga and anime expressions can get really extreme at times, so don’t be afraid to take the expression to...