Seven Demonstrations for Your Drawing and Painting Pleasure

At IMPACT, we’re all about learning how to draw and paint. That’s what we do, so throughout the year we love to share drawing and painting how-tos on everything from how to draw a manga eye to learning new watercolor painting techniques for painting seahorses. And we love knowing that you’re going to get some new skills out of the demonstrations, which you can then apply to your own work as well!

It’s truly a joy to get to work with such great artists, like Emily Fiegenschuh and Mark Crilley, and we hope you get half as much out of it as we do. We also want to introduce you to new styles or types of drawing. While you definitely want to get to know every aspect you can, art evolves and grows, and we do our part by keeping IMPACT open to a wide variety of art styles and genres. Come expand your mind and your skill set with us.

Today we’ve put together some of our favorite demonstrations that we’ve shared with you over the past year. It’s a great way of seeing just how wide our scope can be. Not all of the books were published this year, but the demonstrations are as fresh now as they were two and three years ago. Because that’s the best thing about art: it’s timeless!

Five Step-by-Step Art Demonstrations (and one video)

Now, if you’re good at counting (I’m not), you’ll notice there’s actually seven art demonstrations in this here blog, with the bonus one being on how to draw seahorses up at the top. Did you catch that?

We’re looking forward to even more awesome tutorials and art demonstrations before the end of this year, and I can’t wait to share with you some of the books and projects we have in store for 2013. Stay tuned!

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