How to Draw a Laughing Face for Manga or Anime

If you’re drawing a manga or anime character you’ll need to practice a lot of different expressions! From anger to shock and happiness to love, there are a ton of emotions that can be shown. Manga and anime expressions can get really extreme at times, so don’t be afraid to take the expression to the next level.

Expression Charts

When drawing your manga or anime you’ll probably need to draw a laughing face at some point. You may also need to know how to draw crying, pain, or sadness. Check out these handy expression charts below for a few general expressions for girls and boys. You can save these and keep them handy for when you need to practice your character’s expressions. The tiniest of details can help communicate to your readers what your character is feeling in the moment.

Drawing a Laughing Face

A laughing face will show even more expression than just a smiling face. Open those mouths up wide and let their laughter burst up from the bottom of their stomachs! There are countless ways for a character to laugh. Sometimes a laughing face can show a small chuckle, other times it’s the full belly laugh. Think about how your character shows emotion and how they would react in the scene you’re trying to create.

Girl's laughing face | Draw Manga Faces

Try walking your characters through several stages of laughter. Why not have them wriggle with uncontrolled delight?

Boy's laughing face | Draw Manga Faces

Try a big belly laugh! Draw your character holding his stomach and bending forward to show the force of his laughter.

Man's laughing face | Draw Manga Faces

The basic muscle movement won’t change with age, but the way the skin folds will. The skin can sag and change as you get older so remember that detail when illustrating characters of a more advanced age.

Woman's laughing face | Draw Manga Faces Laughing face

Pay attention to how the shape and angle of her closed eyes shift depending on the direction she faces. She laughs with a full open mouth, so draw a line for the teeth to illustrate that.

You can find laughing faces, angry faces, excited faces and even more emotions inside Draw Manga Faces. Then grab Drawing Manga People and Poses to flesh out your characters even more!

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