How to Draw a Dog Furry

Click to Purchase!Canines communicate their feelings through body language and facial expressions. The beagle is a friendly and sociable breed, so give him a strong pose that expresses these personality traits. Use this step-by-step from the book Draw Furries by Jared Hodges and Lindsay Cibos to inspire your future dog drawings!



how to draw a dog
Step One: Sketch in the Basic Body Shape
Start with a line of action (see page 10) to establish the general positioning, and give your character a confident, upright pose. Then, draw a circle with crosshairs for the head. Next, develop the torso shape. Try to keep the centerline of the figure aligned as you work down the body.

how to draw a dog
Step Two: Draw the Limbs, Tail and Face
Develop the basic details of his head, including the muzzle, brow and ears. Draw the limbs. Overlapping arms are a bit tricky. Take it one step at a time: first draw his right arm hugging his torso, then his left arm (grabbing his other arm above the elbow) over the top. Then, draw his thin, upright, beagle tail.

how to draw a dog
Step Three: Define the Body Contours
Clean up and define the character’s body structure. If you intend to cover up your character with clothes, as in the next step, you don’t need to detail the anatomy (as we did here with fur and claws). Beagle coats have several distinctly colored sections. Lightly sketch the major fur pattern divisions before complicating the design with clothes and props. (Check out this step-by-step demo on how to draw a dog face!)

how to draw a dog
Step Four: Sketch the Clothes
Sketch the character’s clothes, starting with the most prominent articles. Draw the jacket, then the visible portions of his undershirt; then move on to the pants and shoes. As with the body, develop the clothes with a basic structure to make sure everything works before adding details. Erase the hidden body lines as you go.

how to draw a dog
Step Five: Add Details and Color
Add a belt and a dog collar. Define the wrinkles in the clothes and draw structural details like pants pockets and seam stitching. Then, color. Use bright highlights on the belt and collar buckle to bring out their metallic qualities. Use muted colors on his jacket, pants and shirt to draw attention to his colorful shoes and matching collar. Or try your own color combinations.

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how to draw a dog

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