National Dog Day: How to Draw a Dog Face

Click to Purchase!One thing that’s common among most canines (including wolves and foxes) is a long muzzle. Mastering the muzzle is fundamental for drawing canine characters and provides a foundation for drawing other furry, feathery and scaly characters as well.

In this demo, from Draw Furries, you’ll try your hand at a beagle puppy. Puppies have stubbier snouts than adult dogs. Keep the round and cute qualities of a puppy in mind as you draw.

national dog day
Step One: Draw a Circle and Start the Muzzle
Sketch a circle and place crosshairs for the face. Draw a curved, downward sloping guideline out of the crosshairs and place a wide triangle nose at the end of it. From the ends of the nose pull two lines back to the circle to form the bridge of the nose. Add a line across the snout, slightly behind the nose triangle, for a 3-D look. Indicate the front of the snout by drawing a guideline down from the center of the nose.

national dog day

national dog day
Step Two: Shape the Muzzle and Brow
For the beagle’s bulbous muzzle, start where the bridge of the nose meets the head and draw a round shape protruding from the front of the face. Build the brow by continuing the lines from the upper part of the muzzle around the face, then connecting them back into the muzzle. A beagle normally has a droopy brow. It starts high and sags into his cheeks.

national dog day
Step Three: Draw the Eyes, Mouth and Ears
Draw the eyes centered beneath the brow, along the horizontal crosshair. Create the beagle’s upper lip with a W-shaped line. Give the upper lip a bit of droopiness in the front and gradually pull it upwards as it gets closer to the face. The lower jaw tucks under the upper lip, so don’t make it too wide. Draw the beagle’s floppy ears, starting a little behind the top of the brow.

national dog day

national dog day
Step Four: Detail the Drawing
Draw the pupils, highlights and other fun details to finish the eyes. Add eyelid folds above the eyes, then some eyebrows at the top of the brow line. Define the nose, drawing in a pair of nostrils. Add mouth details, including fangs and a tongue. Finally, erase any guidelines and sketch the beagle’s fur patterns.

national dog day
Step Five: Add Hair and Color
Give the character a spiky hairdo that matches his playful “fur-sonality.” Remember to draw hair on top of the head and behind the ears. As you color, emphasize the highlights on wet objects like the eyes, nose and tongue to make them glisten.

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