How to Draw a Spaceship from Doug Chiang

Ever wondered how to draw a spaceship? Any sci-fi tale will have epic spaceships soaring through the galaxy. Whether it’s the Enterprise from Star Trek or the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, spaceship design is important. Doug Chiang will teach you how to draw a spaceship with this and other tutorials in his book, Mechanika Revised and Updated. Doug Chiang is an award-winning artist and has done work for Star Wars, obviously one of the biggest sci-fi names out there. Anyone else getting crazy pumped for it to be December just so you can finally see The Force Awakens?? I’m so ready. I can’t wait for the new characters, new costumes and of course the new sets and spaceships. All the elements for an epic sci-fi story.

When you’re thinking about how to draw a spaceship, think about what you want it to be. Is it a quick flying ship? A small stealth ship? Or is it a big epic warship? The function of the ship can definitely impact your design.

how to draw a spaceship | sci-fi | sci-fi art | Doug Chiang

Now that you know how to draw a spaceship, give it a try and share your work with us on Facebook and Twitter! For even more great tutorials on spaceships, aliens and more, make sure to check out Mechanika, Revised and Updated by Doug Chiang.

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